Where can I purchase the labels? The easiest place to purchase BoxBrain QR Smart Moving Labels and Storage Labels is right here on our website! Just head over the shop.

You can also purchase them on Amazon here and on Etsy here

What sizes do the labels come in? The labels come in three different sizes. 

  • Large: 4”x 6”
  • Medium: 3”x 2”
  • Small: 2” round

I created an account. Now what?  Awesome! You’re ready to get packing. Simply place a label on a container and then click on the camera icon in the app. Scan the label with your phone. Next, you’ll see a list of common rooms pop up. Select a room for that label and then choose items that you’re packing in the box from the pre-populated list of items.

You can also add custom items by typing them in the “custom” field. 

Hit SAVE. 

I scanned a label and I want to pack up items for a room or category of items that’s not listed. How do I do that?  If you’re adding a custom room or category (e.g., holiday decorations) scan the label with your phone and type the room or category of items in the “custom” field at the bottom of the page. Then type the items you’re packing away into the “custom” field. Hit SAVE. 

Can I add pictures? Yes! Click on the camera icon underneath “Add Photos.” Take pictures or choose pictures from your library. Hit SAVE.

Can I search for an item that is packed away?  Yes! Just login to BoxBrain and select "Search" in the menu.

Can I add or delete items to my container/boxes?  Yes! Simply choose the container you wish to unpack or add items to.  Click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of the page and choose “Edit Items.” You will now be able to add or remove items. Hit SAVE.

How can I report an issue or make a suggestion? You can report an issue or make a suggestion by clicking on the hamburger menu/three lines in the top right hand corner of the app. Then select “Report an issue.” We will do our best to get back to you ASAP.

The camera isn’t working in the app. What should I do? Make sure you allow the BoxBrain website access to your camera. Click on the lock icon next to BoxBrain.co to manage permissions. Tap on "Permissions" and allow camera access. If this does not work, try closing the BoxBrain app and scan the label directly from the camera app on your phone. 

I added items to a label but now they aren’t showing up. What happened? Make sure that after you add items you hit SAVE. Also, when adding custom items, make sure to hit the + icon to add the custom item to your box before hitting SAVE.

Can more than one person/user share my account? We are finishing up a new feature that will allow you to link your account to another account - for exactly this purpose. It should be live very soon!

Can anyone else see the contents of my boxes? Nope! The contents of your boxes are for your eyes only. Unless you've used the soon-to-exist "Link Accounts" feature to share boxes between accounts.

Is the app password protected?  Yes. All of your information is protected by your password. 

Are the QR codes duplicated? No. Every label is unique. 

Can I print my own labels if I need more? As of now, we do not offer the option for customers to print their labels at home. However you can purchase more labels here on our shop or on Amazon or Etsy

Where can I download the app? BoxBrain is a mobile-web application. Therefore, it is not found in the App Store or Google Play Store. You access the web-application by scanning the QR code on a label or visiting the website at BoxBrain.co and creating an account or signing in. 

How do I reset my password? Hit the Login button on the BoxBrain app, and then click the "Forgot password?" link to reset your password.

I lost my phone. Will I be able to access my information? Yes! All of your label and item data is stored in "the cloud" (versus on your device), so you can login to the BoxBrain app from any device to access your data.


Tips to get started: 

  • Assign each room or type of item its own label color to help you stay organized (e.g., green labels for the kitchen, blue labels for the bathroom, pink labels for decorations)
  • Place the smart label in the same spot on each container 
  • To find what box a particular item lives in, log in, tap the top right menu, select the "Search" item, and then enter the name of the item you're looking for.
  • Once you unpack a container - delete the box from your Dashboard or edit and reuse it for storage

Check out our instructional video: